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Now that you have made your mind to have some exotic fun with me, let’s get the moment going. But hey, I am sure you must have also read about the fact that my Hyderabad Escorts services are for premium people only, and so they don’t come for free. I come from a really good family, and so I have a high standard of living, and to match that standard, my charges are also very high. So if you want to get going, you have to first reimburse me for that.

Having said this, I must tell you that I am very passionate about the whole activity myself. If you have the potential to love your favorite Hyderabad Escort just as a lover, and can make me a happy person just as I will do for you, I can consider lowering down my prices. Yet, you must never take it for granted, and the final call for this will always be made by me, based upon my mood and discretion.

For availing my exotic and exclusive service, you need to pay me:

INR 15,000/- – For 1 Hour of pleasure
INR 25,000/- – For 3 Hours of pleasure
INR 40,000/- – Whole night of pleasure

If you are not from around, and are not carrying much cash in my currency, don’t worry. For my loving clients, I am also open to accept my payment in few other major currencies as well. If you don’t have that much of your currency in our hand, you can also give something precious that I would love to have. However I must tell you that the true value of either your cash or your currency must never be less than what I ask in my currency.

I also accept gifts of the same value as my price, and I am also open to receiving donations in foreign currency, the value for which should be at least what my actual price is.This is service that I openly offer to all my international lovers. If you want me to travel somewhere or take me out to dinner, that will also have to be handled by you only.

So come over to your favorite among all of the Escorts in Hyderabad, and I assure you that you will keep coming back over and over again.